Laboratory of Software Comprehension, Analytics and Mining

Welcome to LASCAM

LASCAM aims at producing knowledge on how to improve software development practice based on past experience and evidences elaborated from data recorded in software repositories. We are looking forward to hearing from you!!!

Recent news:

VEM - Workshop on Visualization, Evolution and Maintenance!!! To be co-located with CBSoft at Fortaleza - CE in September 2017 !!!! 

@Carlos's full paper accepted at CASCON'2017: On the Actual Use of Inheritance and Interface in Java Projects: Evolution and Implications (August, 2017)

@Marcus's paper accepted at VEM'2017: Mining rules for fixing Android fragmentation related problems (in Portuguese). Mineração de regras para solução de problemas relacionados à fragmentação do Android.  (August, 2017)

@Eduardo's full paper accepted at ESEM'2017: Common Bug-fix Patterns: A Large-Scale Observational Study (June, 2017).

@Klérisson's CAPS/NSF application for ICSE 2017 has been accepted!

@Liliane's paper accepted at ICPC'2017 ERA: On the Properties of Design-relevant Classes for  Design Anomaly Assessment (March, 2017).

@Elder Sobrinho started a 6-month internship at University of Salerno under Prof. De Lucia supervision (March, 2017).

@Klérisson's paper accepted at MSR'2017 Mining Challenge: On the Interplay between Non-Functional Requirements and Builds on Continuous Integration, w/ Fernanda and Crícia (March, 2017).

First PhD. Defense at LASCAM, Raquel Lafetá: A hybrid semi-automated approach for the construction of framework instantiation documentation (in portuguese) (March, 2017).

@Eduardo's paper accepted at ITNG'2017: Mining historical information to study bug fixes (December, 2016).

@Fernanda Delfim started "sandwich" internship at INRIA Lille, Spirals team, under supervision of Martin Monperrus (December, 2016)

Thomas Durieux, PhD Student from INRIA Lille, Spirals team, visited our Lab (December 2016)

Gustavo's and @Klerisson's paper, with Nicolas Anquetil, Anne Etien, and Stéphane Ducasse, accepted at SANER'2017: Recommending Source Code Locations for System Specific Transformations (November, 2016).

@Fernanda's and @Klerisson's paper, with Damien Cassou, accepted at the Journal of the Brazilian Computer Society: Redocumenting APIs with crowd knowledge: a coverage analysis based on question types (November, 2016). 

@Eduardo's paper, with Martin Monperrus, accepted at CASCON'2016Searching Stack Overflow for API-usage-related Bug Fixes Using Snippet-based Queries (August, 2016). 

@Adriano's work on Automated Construction of Tutorials from StackOverflow Q&As winned a Google Research Award Latin America 2016. On the media: Interview in TV UFUDiário do Comércio, Revista Galileu, Correio de UberlândiaEstado de Minas, UFU, SIMI, Site Oficial, Google BlogTecmundo, CanalTech, TV Simi, America Economia, QueEsGoogle

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Published paper at JBCS Springer Open

Redocumenting APIs with crowd knowledge: a coverage analysis based on question types) with Fernanda, Klérisson, Damien and Marcelo published at Journal of the Brazilian Computer Society (Dec.2016).

Google Research Award Latin America

The PhD thesis proposal "Automated construction of tutorials from Q&A sites" from Adriano Rocha has been awarded in August 03, 2016. 

Published paper at Journal of Software: Evolution and Process - Wiley

The paper "Searching Crowd Knowledge to Recommend Solutions for API Usage Tasks" with Eduardo Campos, Lucas Souza and Marcelo Maia has been published in October 2016.

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