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Nov-10-2015: Updated list of publications (with preprints) for 2015.

Sep-23-2015: Distinguished paper award (Runner up)  at VEM'2015 @CBSoft'2015: Redocumenting APIs with Crowd Knowledge: A study on the coverage of the Swing API on StackOverflow (in portuguese).

Jul-30-2015: Fernanda and Klerisson's paper accepted at VEM'2015 @CBSoft'2015: Redocumenting APIs with Crow Knowledge: A study on the coverage of the Swing API on StackOverflow (in portuguese

Jul-24-2015. Liliane's paper accepted at ICSME'2015 ERA: Keecle -- Mining Key Architecturally Relevant Classes Using Dynamic Analysis

Jun-02-2015. Luciana's paper accepted at ICSME'2015: Developers’ Perception of Co-Change Patterns: An Empirical Study.

Mar-20-2015. Guilherme's paper accepted at SEKE'2015: Developers' importance from the leader perspective.

Mar-16-2015. Raquel's paper accepted at ICPC'2015 ERA Track: Framework Instantiation Using Cookbooks Constructed With Static and Dynamic Analysis. Special thanks to prof. David Röthlisberger, co-advisor of Raquel. 

Mar-01-2015. Maia's sabbatical started at UC Davis.

Feb-13-2015. Guilherme Tangari defended this MSc. Dissertation entitled "Software Developers Importance under the Team Leader Perspective". Special thanks to prof. Rogério Garcia - UNESP and prof. Autran Macedo - UFU who composed the examination board.

Feb-03-2015. The 1st Workshop of the STIC-AmSud project entitled Mining software repositories to instantiate software frameworks and react to API changes was held in Uberlândia - UFU on February 04 and 05. Special thanks for David Röthlisberger, Damien Cassou and Javier Pereira who come from abroad to join this working force. Thanks for LASCAM students who attended the workshop.

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Bad Smells: Which, When, What, Who, Where

This most comprehensive systematic literature review ever on bad smells includes 351 papers ranging from 1992 to 2017. We show the prevalence of smells in studies, the chronology, the main findings, the shape of collaborations, challenges and much ...more

Bears - A Bug Benchmark for Automatic Repair Studies

The Bears-Benchmark, or just Bears, is a benchmark of bugs collected from Java open-source projects hosted on GitHub through a process that scans pairs of builds from Travis Continuous Integration and reproduces bugs (by test failure) and their patches (passing test suite). ...more

Defects4J Dissection

Defects4J Dissection presents data to help researchers and practitioners to better understand the Defects4J bug dataset. ...more

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