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November-2018. The paper "A systematic literature review on bad smells: 5 W's: which, when, what, who, where" has been accepted at IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering - TSE with ElderSobrinho, Andrea De Lucia, and Marcelo Maia !!!!

September-2018. The paper Towards an automated approach for bug fix pattern detection has been awarded as the BEST PAPER at VEM'2018 with Fernanda Madeiral, Thomas Durieux, Victor Sobreira, and Marcelo Maia.

September-2018. @Marcelo_A_Maia has opened VEM'2018 with the Keynote: "The promises and perils of mining...". The talk reported the history of LASCAM on the land of minng software repositories, and the related challenges to strategically organize the team on that theme. .

September-2018. @Rodrigo has started a internship with prof. Chancal Roy, University of Saskatchewan, Canada. .

July-2018. @Klerisson has been approved in his Qualifying PhD exam. 

July-2018. The paper Towards an automated approach for bug fix pattern detectionhas been accepted at VEM'2018 with Fernanda Madeiral, Thomas Durieux, Victor Sobreira, and Marcelo Maia. 

July-2018. The paper Uma Análise da Produção Científica Brasileira em Conferências de Manutenção e Evolução de Software has been accepted at VEM'2018 with Klérisson Paixão, Marcelo Maia, and Marco Tulio Valente. July, 2018.

February-11-2018: RENE paper accepted at SANER'2018: Duplicate Question Detection in Stack Overflow: A Reproducibility Study, with Rodrigo Silva, Klérisson Paixão, and Marcelo Maia.

December-18-2017: @Victor and @Fernanda's full research paper accepted at SANER'2018Dissection of a Bug Dataset: Anatomy of 395 Patches from Defects4J, with Victor Sobreira, Thomas Durieux, Fernanda Delfim, Martin Monperrus, and Marcelo Maia.

August-14-2017: @Carlos's full paper accepted at CASCON'2017: On the Actual Use of Inheritance and Interface in Java Projects: Evolution and Implications.

August-13-2017: @Marcus's paper accepted at VEM'2017: Mining rules for fixing Android fragmentation related problems (in Portuguese). Mineração de regras para solução de problemas relacionados à fragmentação do Android. 

June-06-2017: @Eduardo's paper accepted at ESEM'2017: Common Bug-fix Patterns: A Large-Scale Observational Study (June, 2017).

April-2017: @Klérisson's CAPS/NSF application for ICSE 2017 has been accepted!

March-15-2017: @Liliane's paper accepted at ICPC'2017 ERA: On the Properties of Design-relevant Classes for  Design Anomaly Assessment.

March-08-2017: @Klérisson's paper accepted at MSR'2017 Mining Challenge: On the Interplay between Non-Functional Requirements and Builds on Continuous Integration, w/ Fernanda and Crícia (March, 2017).

March-02-2017: First PhD. Defense at LASCAM, Raquel Lafetá: A hybrid semi-automated approach for the construction of framework instantiation documentation (in portuguese).

March-01-2017: Elder Sobrinho started a 6-month internship at University of Salerno under Prof. De Lucia supervision..

December-10-2016: @Eduardo's paper accepted at ITNG'2017: Mining historical information to study bug fixes.

December-05-2016: @Fernanda Delfim started "sandwich" internship at INRIA Lille, Spirals team, under supervision of Martin Monperrus

November-25-2016: Thomas Durieux, PhD Student from INRIA Lille, Spirals team, visited our Lab 

November-23-2016: Gustavo's and @Klerisson's paper, with Nicolas Anquetil, Anne Etien, and Stéphane Ducasse, accepted at SANER'2017: Recommending Source Code Locations for System Specific Transformations.

November-01-2016: Fernanda's and Klerisson's paper, with Damien Cassou, accepted at the Journal of the Brazilian Computer Society: Redocumenting APIs with crowd knowledge: a coverage analysis based on question types.

August-12-2016: Eduardos' paper, with Martin Monperrus, accepted at CASCON'2016Searching Stack Overflow for API-usage-related Bug Fixes Using Snippet-based Queries. 

August-03-2016: Adriano's work on Automated Construction of Tutorials from StackOverflow Q&As winned a Google Research Award Latin America 2016. On the media: Interview in TV UFUDiário do ComércioRevista GalileuCorreio de UberlândiaEstado de MinasUFUSIMISite OficialGoogle BlogTecmundoCanalTechTV SimiAmerica EconomiaQueEsGoogle

July-30-2016: @Carlos' paper accepted at the IV Workshop on Software Visualization, Evolution and Maintenance (VEM'2016 @ CBSoft'2016): An analysis of association of code anomaly co-occurrences with structural metrics (in portuguese)

June-20-2016: @Adriano's paper accepted at the Brazilian Symposium on Software Engineering (SBES'2016 @ CBSoft'2016) acceptance rate: 18%: Automated API Documentation with Tutorials Generated From Stack Overflow (in portuguese). 

June-16-2016: The paper "Searching Crowd Knowledge to Recommend Solutions for API Usage Tasks" has been accepted in the Journal of Software: Evolution and Process.

Nov-10-2015: Updated list of publications (with preprints) for 2015.

Sep-23-2015: Distinguished paper award (Runner up)  at VEM'2015 @CBSoft'2015: Redocumenting APIs with Crowd Knowledge: A study on the coverage of the Swing API on StackOverflow (in portuguese).

Jul-30-2015: Fernanda and Klerisson's paper accepted at VEM'2015 @CBSoft'2015: Redocumenting APIs with Crow Knowledge: A study on the coverage of the Swing API on StackOverflow (in portuguese) 

Jul-24-2015. Liliane's paper accepted at ICSME'2015 ERA: Keecle -- Mining Key Architecturally Relevant Classes Using Dynamic Analysis

Jun-02-2015. Luciana's paper accepted at ICSME'2015: Developers’ Perception of Co-Change Patterns: An Empirical Study.

Mar-20-2015. Guilherme's paper accepted at SEKE'2015: Developers' importance from the leader perspective.

Mar-16-2015. Raquel's paper accepted at ICPC'2015 ERA Track: Framework Instantiation Using Cookbooks Constructed With Static and Dynamic Analysis. Special thanks to prof. David Röthlisberger, co-advisor of Raquel. 

Mar-01-2015. Maia's sabbatical started at UC Davis.

Feb-13-2015. Guilherme Tangari defended this MSc. Dissertation entitled "Software Developers Importance under the Team Leader Perspective". Special thanks to prof. Rogério Garcia - UNESP and prof. Autran Macedo - UFU who composed the examination board.

Feb-03-2015. The 1st Workshop of the STIC-AmSud project entitled Mining software repositories to instantiate software frameworks and react to API changes was held in Uberlândia - UFU on February 04 and 05. Special thanks for David Röthlisberger, Damien Cassou and Javier Pereira who come from abroad to join this working force. Thanks for LASCAM students who attended the workshop.

Jan-16-2014. Eduardo Campos defended his MSc. Dissertation entitled "Recommending Crowd Knowledge to Aid Software Development" (in portuguese: Recomendação de conhecimento da multidão para auxílio ao desenvolvimento de software). Special thanks for prof. Fernando Figueira Filho - DIMAP-UFRN and prof. Stéphane Julia - UFU who composed the examination board.

Dec-18-2014. Approved project at FAPEMIG - Universal Demand Call: Software Analytics - automated support for software comprehension and maintenance based on data analysis.

Nov-20-2014. VIII WTDCC (UFU Workshop of Computer Science Theses and Dissertations) took place from Nov, 17 until Nov, 20. Current Software Engineering theses and dissertations were evaluated with a commitee that included FACOM-UFU professors and Prof. Marco Aurélio Gerosa from IME-USP, which also was our keynote speaker, whose talk was entitled Mining Socio-technical Information from Software Repositories.

Nov-18-2014. Approved international cooperation project at the STIC-Amsud program (CAPES, Conecyt, CNRS/INRIA): Mining software repositories to instantiate software frameworks and react to API changes. Congratulations to the team, including David Röthlisberger (UDP-Chile), Damien Cassou (Univ. Lille/ INRIA), Javier Pereira (UDP-Chile), Martin Monperrus (Univ. Lille/ INRIA)

Nov-05-2014. Senior Internship at UC Davis approved at CAPES. Prof. Maia will be a Visiting Research Associate at the outstanding research group of prof. Prem Devanbu. The planned visit is from March, 2015 until February, 2016.

Oct-03-2014. Awards!!! 2nd Best Tool Award at CBSoft'2014 goes to Nuggets Miner from Eduardo Campos, Lucas Souza and Marcelo, and 3rd Best Tool Award at CBSoft'2014 goes to ModularityCheck from {Luciana, Daniel, Marco Túlio}@aserg and Marcelo@lascam. See the 16 accepted tools in the conference program.

Aug-20-2014. Accepted abstracts at ICSE 2017 PhD and Young Researchers Warm Up Symposium: Raquel Lafetá and Liliane Vale. See accepted abstracts in the event page.

Jul-25-2014. Two papers accepted at CBSoft'2014: Tool Session: 1) Nuggets Miner: Assisting Developers by Harnessing the StackOverflow Crowd Knowledge and the
GitHub Traceability and 2) ModularityCheck: A Tool for Assessing Modularity using Co-Change Clusters.

Jul-23-2014. Lucas Souza has defended his MSc Dissertation entitled: CROWD COOKBOOKS: USING CROWD KNOWLEDGE FROM Q&A SITES FOR API DOCUMENTATION.

Jun-14-2014. LASCAM has new graduate students: Allysson Silva (PhD), Klérisson Paixão (PhD), Victor Sobreira (PhD), Adriano Mendonça (MSc), Carlos Dantas (MSc) e Edinilson Vida (MSc). Welcome!!!

Jun-20-2014. Accepted paper at SBES2014. Lucas dissertation on the extraction of cookbooks for APIs from the StackOverflow.

Jun-01-2014. Distinguished paper at ICPC2014. Invited to resubmission of an extended version to Journal of Software: Evolution and Process - Wiley.

May-27-2014. Distinguished paper at ICEIS 2014.  "A Systematic Review on Performance Evaluation of Aspect-Oriented Programming Techniques used to Implement Crosscutting Concerns"  has been selected to be included in the LNBIP published by Springer. This book will include the updated and extended versions of only a short list of selected papers from ICEIS 2014.

May-21-2014. LASCAM Website online experimentally.

Apr-25-2014. Best paper awarded at Modularity'2014 ». Invited to resubmission of an extended version to Transactions of Aspect-Oriented Software Development.

Mar-23-2014. Accepted paper at ICPC2014 ».

Jan-25-2014. Prof. David Röthlisberger from UDP-Chile visited LASCAM.

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Bad Smells: Which, When, What, Who, Where

This most comprehensive systematic literature review ever on bad smells includes 351 papers ranging from 1992 to 2017. We show the prevalence of smells in studies, the chronology, the main findings, the shape of collaborations, challenges and much ...more

Defects4J Dissection

Defects4J Dissection presents data to help researchers and practitioners to better understand the Defects4J bug dataset. ...more

Google Research Award Latin America

The PhD thesis proposal "Automated construction of tutorials from Q&A sites" from Adriano Rocha has been awarded in August 03, 2016. 

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