Laboratory of Software Comprehension, Analytics and Mining


Here you can find some artifacts generated in our research group. Please soon download links for tools.

  • MobileMedia v.05 implemented in different composition mechanisms: conditional compilation, design patterns, FOP, AOP, AFM. Download a zip file here. Here you will find a feature model, used libs, Eclipse workspaces for each mechanism. MobileMedia is a SPL developed for research purposes. 
  • MetaJ.
  • TraceGrasp
  • Nuggets Miner
  • Crowd Cookbook Generator
  • How-to Dataset (ARFF)

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Defects4J Dissection

Defects4J Dissection presents data to help researchers and practitioners to better understand the Defects4J bug dataset. ...more

Google Research Award Latin America

The PhD thesis proposal "Automated construction of tutorials from Q&A sites" from Adriano Rocha has been awarded in August 03, 2016. 

Published paper at Journal of Software: Evolution and Process - Wiley

The paper "Searching Crowd Knowledge to Recommend Solutions for API Usage Tasks" with Eduardo Campos, Lucas Souza and Marcelo Maia has been published in October 2016.

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