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Searching Crowd Knowledge to Recommend Solutions for API Usage Tasks - Online Appendix

This web page is a companion to our Journal of Software: Evolution and Process (JSEP) submission [pdf].


Eduardo C. Campos

Lucas B. L. de Souza

Marcelo de A. Maia

Source Code

We make publicly available the source code for the regular expressions used for code term detection in Java and C++ programming languages.

Moreover, you can also download the class that contains the reserved words for programming languages (Java, C# and C++) and LINQ API.


You can download the dataset used for training and testing the "How-to" classifier as an ARFF file (Attribute-Relation File Format) . This file can be loaded into Weka Interface.

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Published paper at JBCS Springer Open

Redocumenting APIs with crowd knowledge: a coverage analysis based on question types) with Fernanda, Klérisson, Damien and Marcelo published at Journal of the Brazilian Computer Society (Dec.2016).

Google Research Award Latin America

The PhD thesis proposal "Automated construction of tutorials from Q&A sites" from Adriano Rocha has been awarded in August 03, 2016. 

Published paper at Journal of Software: Evolution and Process - Wiley

The paper "Searching Crowd Knowledge to Recommend Solutions for API Usage Tasks" with Eduardo Campos, Lucas Souza and Marcelo Maia has been published in October 2016.

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